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Life is all about self coaching

Ever since I was very young, I've wondered what that God is people were talking about. I observed the people around me and that’s how God became to me everything that was not yet understood. I now understand that with all my questions I investigated what my role is in the overall picture.

I have been given attributes that speed up grasping the truth, as well as attributes that promote the creation of my own truths. I am my own biggest critic and at the same time I show great compassion towards myself. I am constantly distracted by everything that life has to offer and I have also never lost sight of some issues. My senses are wide open to grasp the truth and at the same time I have been given a strong creative ego to create personal truths.

Self-coaching is finding a balance between the voice of Own Truths and the ear of Total Truth. The latter has been described a lot and comes back under many names. A number of terms that appeal to me very much: the Universe, Great Mystery, God, Father Heaven. The voice of the Ego encompasses what goes under the term "character" and creates its own truths with that character. The Truth became more important than the Ego The creation story in the bible put it very nicely. God created man in His image. Or, in other words, to the Total Potential.

Adam, the left hemisphere of the brain; the part to conclude from the Total, the Truth. For example, Newton's laws (will) be and always have been. Da Vinci's inventions have also always been in the air. Only one had to grab it and share it, as we earthlings try to do.

Eve, the right hemisphere, the part to create Own Truths, an equal part of what is always the Total Potential. She goes through life under the names: Free will, Own choice, Goddess of Creation, Mother Earth.

Adam, Father of Truth, and Eve, Mother of Creation, began naked. There was no judgment. Neither about the Truth, nor about the Ego. That which was conceived was to be manifested on Earth. His conclusions became Her creations, both served the Truth.

And so they could live on. After all, Adam's conclusions were heard very well. We must first understand what paint is before we will paint with it

But there was the serpent, introducing Eve to her own Truths. And the first Own Truth was that we would be like God, if we did partake of the forbidden fruit. And because Eve ate of it, Adam also ate. For Adam seizes by law what Eve creates.

Suddenly they saw each other as 'the other'. The distinction was born and with it (accidentally) also judgment. This was the beginning of the end of the once so open line with the Truth. The Truth, as it was just before.

As we are raised by our parents: they first teach us their own truths, from which we start to create ourselves. So it happened, to discover who we are and what our potential is. Not a punishment, but a lesson Just as God intended; Adam will leave his parents and cling to his own Eve. Soon we rebel against our parents' truth to break us free. We are our own person and want to determine our values ourselves. Judgment is of no use here; it's who we are.

No one said that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would remain forever forbidden territory. But Adam and Eve had only been in Eden for a short time… Too short, as it turned out. For although God only meant dualities, man made 'separation' of them.

That is why God decreed that Eve should serve Adam. Because if we give Eve free rein, then from Her Personal truths come the most beautiful, but also the most terrible creations. Although without Eve no amusing train of thought in countless forms of Earthly expressions, neither without her presence no insecure person. For what a loud voice Our Eve has…

A good self-coach can hear the Truth It can be extremely helpful to occasionally turn off the noise with Truths you create so that you can listen to the lessons already taken. We say that these lessons come to us through, among other things, our own inner voice, the voice of God, the voice of the Universe. But also voices from the spirit realm, guides, angels. All the voices that already were and that contribute to what is the Truth today.

So the first step is to hear the Truth.

Become still and silent your own creations.

Ask your question.

And listen to the Truth, as it is now. The Truth includes our real needs. If we act accordingly, we will walk our ultimate path. And that path leads to our (total) Potential.

The role of Eva

Free choice is part of our being and has never been taken from us. God gave us a Voice to create, for He made Eve as part of His image.

To deny Eve (or our Ego) would mean denying an indispensable part of our potential. That is of course not the intention.

Next week there will be an explanation about Eva and how she contributes to our true potential.

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