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Adam and Eves created as equals

We must still Eve, to hear the Truth. Eve is put away here as a disrupter, although she is part of Our ingenious Creation. No mistakes, really. As long as we understand it correctly.

In the beginning

In the beginning, God made only Adam exactly like His image. Adam alone thus contained the Total Potential.

Then God created Eve, the second. The other made 'the difference' and thus unique combinations were created. One more of this, the other more of that. The one with this also created more of this, the one with that also created more of that. And the more different combinations, the more the Earthly manifestations began to resemble isolated spirits. Many different Own Truths were created.

But we are still One. Which also means that we must not forget that our brain hemispheres should also work together, as one, in which both are equal. Adam grasps the spiritual laws, the psyche, the Truth. Eve creates the psyche. She IS her own voice with, besides a unique style for bringing Truth into the material world, Her style as a Creator. Eve IS the personality, and with that She is part of the Truth.

Eve did as intended

So Eve is meant exactly as she is. Together, Adam and Eve remained the image of the Truth. Our human experience consists of both; it was the will of the Truth. From an early age we want to act and think for ourselves. It is just as meant to leave your parental space at a certain age as it is to have your own ideas. We grow up to discover ourselves. It is given to us.

The puzzle given to us by the presence of the "other" provides us with the richest lessons. Because there is separation, illusions have arisen. One (Own) Truth would be better than another. We have forgotten that all (Own) Truths come from one being. That's why the Word is given to us, so that we can share the grasped and created Truth with 'the other'. We must make the invisible visible, to be one. There would be no misconceptions if everything were viewed without judgment.

Step 1 in self-coaching was…

In order to listen, you must shush. Self-coaching is communication with the Truth. To that end, we must first learn to still the Ego of Eve so that we can listen.

Step 2: From the illusion of separation to the Truth of Unity

Adam, Father of Truth, and Eve, Mother of Creation, began naked. There was no judgment. Neither about the Truth, nor about the Ego. And so they could live forever in paradise. But forever sounds long and boring, so the baby couldn't hold back. We wanted to discover for ourselves and so we were given a puzzle. A concept shared that we did not yet understand as part of one, but interpreted as separation.

Free choice is part of our being and has never been taken from us. God gave us a Own Voice to create, for he made Eve as part of man. We were not yet ready for the knowledge of good and evil. We thereby created judgment and judgment creates an experience of separation. When we replace this illusion with the Truth of Unity, we remember that there is no cold OR dark, no black OR white, no good OR bad. Only ONE: temperature, light, the Truth.

As soon as we learn the correct understanding of this Unity, the balance between the Earthly and the Celestial is restored. The Masculine and the Feminine. The Truth that is and the Ego that constitutes. All who strive for a balance between the halves, as intended, are not merely putting Eve in the service of Adam, but have learned that Adam may just as well serve Eve.

Letting go of judgment

We have a remarkable amount of judgment, especially about our own truths. It would help us if we could let go of that judgment. We are given our own voice with which we may create. If we can see these creations with a metaview, we learn to understand ourselves. If we understand how we work, we can use it specifically to achieve our Potential.

Step 3: keep balancing

We must understand that our mind consists of two parts, which are equal to each other. Our minds are meant to be exactly as they are, so judging them is useless. Not about what comes from our male part, nor about what comes from our female part.

While we can temporarily temper some of Eve's creations to hear Adam better, Eve is the voice. Without Eve, Adam has nothing to conclude. Adam and Eve serve each other. Our ego determines how we deal with (creating) the Truth and the outcome is therefore an inseparable part of the Truth.

Enjoy the creations. And to create with joy.

With love, from love. And to love the loving.

For us, by us. And to have faith in us.

We lead and follow our own world

When we consider Eve as valuable as Adam, we return to a state of being where Truth and Ego come together. We create Truth and Truth creates us, that's how it's designed. When we understand which Truths really reside in our hearts, the resulting creations lead to our true potential. We had to be like that.

The more individuals grasp and manifest their Truth, the faster humanity comes to its true potential. Since the Truth is that we are all One, we are all in the service of our Total. And so will be manifested if one follows the Truth.

There is a lot of confidence in Adam; I have heard many talk about listening to the Truth, in whatever terms. I wish all of us to have the same confidence in Eve. That She may be as She was meant to be, as how She was created.

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